Introduction to Embedded Systems :: CSCI 255

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Notes 1:  Intro to Embedded Systems

   The fabrication of ICs
   Marco Tempest - Great Embedded Example


Notes 3:  Bit Operations

    Boolean Algebra Theorems
    Charles Roth, "Fundamentals of Logic Design"


Notes 5: K-Maps, SoP, PoS

  Sum-of-Products: Part 1
   Sum-of-Products: Part 2
   Grouping K-maps: Watch someone else
   K-maps - Rules of Simplification
   K-map Tuturial K-map Tuturial
   K-maps Minimization: Part 1
   K-maps Minimization: Part 2
   K-maps Minimization: Part 3
   K-maps Minimization: Part 4
4-Variable/3-Output K-map Example 1
   4-Variable/3-Output K-map Example 2


*Notes 9:  Stack & Subroutines & PDF

*Notes 10:  Interrupts, WatchDog, Timers & Low-Power Modes & PDF

*Notes:  C-Programming & PDF

*Thanks to the great people from:



Notes:  Assembly/C Code Examples


   Button Check.c

   WDTimer Interrupt Example.c

   Port 1 Interrupt.c


Notes 2:  Numerical Systems & Conversions

   Conversion: Decimal to Binary
   Conversion: Binary to Decimal
   Conversion: Decimal to Hex
   Conversion: Hex to Decimal
   Counting in Binary

Notes 4:  Digital Gates



Notes 6:  Signed Numbers, Shifting & Arithmetic Ops

Adding Binary Numbers
   Subtracting Binary Numbers
Multiplication - Brown & Vranesic
   Two's Complement - Vahid


Notes 7:  Bit/Full Adder/Subtractor Designs


Notes 8:  Sequential Circuits

   S-R Latch
   Gated S-R Latch
   J-K Flip-flop

**Notes 11:  Keypad

**Notes 12:  State Machines

   Coffe Machine Example

**Notes 13:  Registers & ALU

   Register Bank Example

**Notes 14:  Liquid-Crystal Display

** Dr. Keith Vertanen


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