CSCI 470
Web Science
Spring 2015

Montana Tech
Computer Science & Software Engineering


0Mon 1/12 IntroPDF
1Wed 1/14 Server virtualization and securityPDF
-Fri 1/16 Lab - Server build
-Mon 1/19 NO CLASS
2Wed 1/21 Delivering web contentPDF Form GET  Form POST  NumberGame  NumberGameBuggy  OptiKeyboard  SimpleCGI.c 
3Fri 1/23 Dynamic web content technologiesPDF
-Mon 1/26 Lab - Server build 2
4Wed 1/28 Information retrievalPDF
-Fri 1/30 Information retrieval
-Mon 2/2 Lab - Social media search engine
5Wed 2/4 State managementPDF
6Fri 2/6 Scalability of web applicationsPDF
7Mon 2/9 Web servicesPDF
8Wed 2/11 Data formatsPDF XML parsing in Java  JSON parsing in Java 
-Fri 2/13 Lab - PHP trivia game
-Mon 2/16 NO CLASS
9Wed 2/18 Java ServletsPDF HelloServlet  HelloWorldEmbedded  OneServletContext 
-Fri 2/20 Lab - PHP trivia game
-Mon 2/23 Lab - GeoTrack servlet
10Wed 2/25 CrowdsourcingPDF
11Fri 2/27 AjaxPDF Article coining term Ajax  keyword.html  keyword.php  stock.html  stock.php  Bing Search API Quick Start  bing_search.html  bing_search_proxy.php  bing_translate.html  bing_translate_proxy.php  images.html 
12Mon 3/2 MySQLPDF
-Wed 3/4 Lab - Language tutor
13Fri 3/6 NoSQLPDF Martin Fowler, NoSQL  Demystifying Hadoop  Amazon Dynamo  Google Bigtable 
14Mon 3/9 HTML5: Intro, Canvas, WebGLPDF Bouncing image  Drawing shapes  WebGL 
15Wed 3/11 HTML5: Web workers, geolocationPDF Single-threaded Fibonacci  Multi-threaded Fibonacci  Multi-threaded persistent Fibonacci  Single-threaded Mandelbrot  Multi-threaded Mandelbrot  geo1  geo2  geo3  geo4  geo5  touch  trace  multitouch  Mozilla multi-touch demos 
16Fri 3/13 Server Push and Web SocketsPDF echo 
-Mon 3/23 Lab, Gem dungeon
17Wed 3/25 The Semantic Web PDF
18Fri 3/27 Secret writing PDF
-Mon 3/30 Lab, Quotes search engine
19Wed 4/1 Historical cryptography PDF
-Fri 4/3 NO CLASS
20Mon 4/6 Historical cryptography 2 PDF
21Wed 4/8 Modern cryptography PDF
22Fri 4/10 Modern cryptography 2 PDF
23Mon 4/13 Secure hashes, authentication PDF
24Wed 4/15 Ruby on Rails PDF
-Fri 4/17 Project work day
-Mon 4/20 Project work day
-Wed 4/22 Project work day
25Fri 4/24 Lossless compression PDF
26Mon 4/27 Lossless compression II PDF
27Wed 4/29 Lossy compression PDF
-Fri 5/1 Project presentations - 1
-Mon 5/4 Project presentations - 2

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