CSCI 470
Web Science
Spring 2015

Montana Tech
Computer Science & Software Engineering


This page lists the programming assignments for the course. When an assignment is released, the assignment column will link to a detailed description of the assignment.

1 Tue 1/20 Server build individual
2 Fri 1/30 Server build 2 individual
3 Mon 2/9 Social media search engine individual
4 Fri 2/20 PHP trivia game individual
5 Mon 3/2 GeoTrack servlet pair
6 Fri 3/13 Language tutor pair
7 Fri 3/27 Gem dungeon pair
8 Thr 4/2 Project plan document pair
9 Fri 4/10 Quotes search engine pair
10 Thr 4/30 Project pair

Submission. All assignments need to be submitted via Moodle. In the event of a Moodle failure, email your submission to me before the deadline. You should upload all the source files required by the assignment. The top of every source file should include your name, username, and a description of what the program does.

Deadline and late policy: Grading. Your code will be graded on correctness, programming style (including comments), and efficiency. Partial credit is possible so if you run out of time, submit what you have. If you want to do well, start well in advance of the deadline. This allows time to seek help if you run into trouble. Software bugs can be difficult to find and are often easily found after a good night's sleep.

Page last updated: April 29, 2015