Tentative schedule:

Week Date Topic Posted Materials Presentation / Project Deliverables
1Aug. 26 Course overview and introduction to data mining Introductory slides, project description, sample datasets, projects
Aug. 28 Inputs to data mining Slides, Data clearning and preprocessing by Nguyen Hung Son, notes
Aug. 30 Outputs of data mining Slides, notes
2Sept. 2 Labor Day - No Class
Sept. 4 Evaluation and rudimentary rules - OR and 1R Slides, evaluation notes, rudimentary rules notes
Sept. 6 Case studies presentations Case studies paper & presentation
3Sept. 9 Bayes Theorem Slides, notes
Sept. 11 Naive Bayes Statistical Algorithm Notes, exercise, answers
Sept. 13 Data sets presentations Data set paper & presentation
4Sept. 16 Recursive algotithms - trees Slides, notes, exercise, answers
Sept. 18 Entropy, gain ratio Notes
Sept. 20 Advisory Board Meeting - No Class
5Sept. 23 Project: Topic exploration
Covering algorithms
Slides, notes, exercise, answers Topic exploration, homework 1, data set arff format in arff format, answers
Sept. 25 Association rules Slides, notes, exercise, answers, support, confidence and lift measurements
Sept. 27 Linear models Slides, notes
6Sept. 30 Project: Area and major question
Area and major question, homework 2, answers
Oct. 2 Perceptron Slides, notes, exercise, answers
Oct. 4 Instance based reasoning Slides, notes
7Oct. 7 Clustering Slides, notes Homework 3, answers, Online Retail Dataset in Excel, Python slides
Oct. 9 Exam 1 Review, 2018 exam, answers, exam, answers
Oct. 11 Special learning data mining presentations Special learning paper & presentation
8Oct. 14 Ethics Slides, notes, Code of Behavior Data Science Association
Oct. 16 Data transformation Slides, notes
Oct. 18 Competition Workshop #1 Competition Workshop
9Oct. 21 Project: dataset(s)loaded into a tool and analyzed Data cleaning Dataset(s) loaded into a tool and analyzed, homework 4, answers
Oct. 23 More project presentations
Oct. 25 Competion Workshop #2 Competition Workshop
10Oct. 28 Association rules (see earlier)
Oct. 30 Clustering (see earlier)
Nov. 1 Exam 2 Review, 2018 exam, answers, exam, answers, essay questions
11Nov. 4 Data transformation (see earlier)
Nov. 6 Evaluation - Holdout and Confidence Levels Slides, notes
Nov. 8 Project: preliminary results draft final presentation Preliminary results draft final presentation
12Nov. 11 Veteran's - No Class
Nov. 13 Evaluation - counting the costs, lift charts Slides, notes, exercises, answers
Nov. 15 Competion Workshop #3 Competition Workshop
13Nov. 18 Ensemble learning - bagging and boosting Slides, notes, A Primer to Ensemble Learning - Bagging and Boosting by Rohit Garg (Feb. 19, 2018)
Nov. 20 Top learning algorithms Slides, notes
Nov. 22 Project: draft report presentations Draft report and presentation
14Nov. 25 Overview of student projects Overview, Excel version
Nov. 27 Thanksgiving - No Class
Nov. 29 Thanksgiving - No Class
15Dec. 2 Presentation Planning
Dec. 4, 3-5pm in MUS 205 Project: final report and presentations Final report and presentation Final report and presentation
Dec. 6 Course reflection Reflection
FinalsDec. 9-13 No final in this class