Tentative schedule:

Week Date Topic Materials Due
1Jan. 7 Unit Testing
Jan. 9 Introductory unit testing exercise
Jan. 11 NUnit testing exercise
2Jan. 14 Course Overview
Jan. 16 Test Driven Development Hands-on practice with test-driven development in C#
Jan. 18 Presentations of TTT Designs
3Jan. 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday
Jan. 23 Progress updates TDD for 3D tic-tac-toe Unit testing, black-box testing and white-box testing StackOverflow, inspection process
Jan. 25 Inpection planning
4Jan. 28 Tic-tac-toe code and unit test inspections
Jan. 30 Tic-tac-toe code and unit test inspections continued
Feb. 1 Planning exercise for PHPUnit testing
5Feb. 4 Figuring out PHPUnit testing framework - in lab Unit testing slides
Feb. 6 Progress updates on PUPUnit testing AbOut course functions
Feb. 8 AbOut Course PHPUnit tests demonstrations Notes on addCourse() PHPUnit testing exercise
6Feb. 11 V & V activites for various types of systems Sample systems
Feb. 13 PHP DB testing and mocking V and V activites, requirements validation
Feb. 15 Class discussion on mocking and testing AbOut PHP Unit DB Testing, discussion notes
7Feb. 18 President's Day
Feb. 20 Demo AbOut unit testing for model course functionality Test Driven Development AbOut exercise
Feb. 22 Brainstorm other ways to test non-model AbOut functionality
8Feb. 25 Brainstorm project to practice V-Model of SW Development V-Model slides
Feb. 27 Draft TTT_Discord Requirements
March 1 Demo AbOut unit testing for model course functionality, #2, requirements and acceptance criteria Requirements slides Testing AbOut exercise
9March 4 Inspect TTT_Discord Requirements Inspection prepartion (see Outlook Calendar Meeting)
March 6 Inspect TTT_Discord Requirements - continued
March 8 2nd inspection of 3DTTT, acceptance criteria User acceptance testing Inspection prepartion (see Outlook Calendar Meeting)
10March 11 Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) ATDD slides (updated April 2nd)
March 13 Develop charter for 3D TTT
March 15 Develop features for 3D TTT workshop
Spring Break, March 18-22
11March 25 Inspect 3D TTT features
March 27 Develop 3D TTT user stories
March 29 Inspect 3D TTT user stories online and discuss story acceptance criteria
12April 1 Develop 3D TTT scenarios and tests Sample scenarios and tests
April 3 Developing a V & V plan Ideas from last time, beginning of V&V plan template based off the following: Software Quality Assurance Plan Template, Sample plan Smith Jones Rapid Transit Software Quality Assurance Plan,
April 5 Scenario tests for 3D TTT via Discord, V&V Plan 3D TTT scenario and test due
13April 8 V&V plan responsibilities, test & bug record
April 10 V&V plan schedule
April 12 3D TTT via Discord, MVP completed 3D TTT game completed
14April 15 V&V plan finalizing V&V Plan Template developed as a class, Sample V&V Plan Department of Housing and Urban Development, IEEE standard for System , Software, and Hardware Verification and Validation (1916), student V&V Plan for Project Gerbit, a real time strategy game developed at Univ. of Utah.
April 17 V&V Metrics Metrics (updated April 19th)
April 19 Mini Spring Break
15April 22 Data flow analysis for distributed systems Data Flow Analysis
April 24 V&V terms, compliance, external V&V Testing terms
April 26 Course reflection Class course reflection Reflection paper

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