CSCI 494
Senior Seminar
Spring 2022

Montana Tech
Computer Science & Software Engineering


Description: Investigations in the Computer Science and Software Engineering fields. Students will report on their internship experience, present their senior design projects, and/or present their undergraduate research. Faculty and guest speakers will discuss current issues in computer science and software engineering. Students will take an exam covering their computer-related coursework. Students will demonstrate their ability to apply a computer-related code of ethics (ACM, IEEE, or SE). This is a required seminar for computer science and software engineering seniors. Prerequisite: Senior standing or Consent of Instructor.
Instructor: Michele Van Dyne

(406) 496-4855
Museum 204B
Office hours: MW 11:00-12:00, F 10:00-11:00
Classes: Wednesday 12:00-12:50pm Lecture Main Hall 209
Class web page
Grades See Moodle link at top of page
Grading: Attendance 30%
Presentation 45%
Exam 25%
Letter Grades: 92.50-100% A
90-92.49% A-
87.50-89.99% B+
82.5-87.49% B
80-82.49% B-
77.50-79.99% C+
72.50-77.49% C
70-72.99% C-
67.50-69.99% D+
62.50-67.49% D
60-62.49% D-
Below 60% F
Academic honesty: Cheating will not be tolerated and can result in failure of the course. Presentations must be entirely your own work except for appropriately referenced sources. Unless specified, no electronic devices are allowed in the exam. The exam must be completed without communication with any non-staff member.
Any student who may need an accommodation due to a disability, please make an appointment to see me during my office hours. A letter from a Montana Tech Disability Coordinator authorizing your accommodations is needed.

Course Outcomes:

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