CSCI 494
Senior Seminar
Spring 2022

Montana Tech
Computer Science & Software Engineering


Each registered student must make a 35-40 minute presentation about a Computer Science or Software Engineering topic of his or her choice. Preferred topics include senior design projects, undergraduate research projects, or technical aspects of student's internship. The instructor must approve topics. Students must choose a topic and schedule a presentation date by the second week of class. On the Monday of the week before you will be presenting, by midnight, send me an abstract of your talk which I can send to others to invite them to attend. Registered students are required to attend all scheduled classes. Grading criteria for the presentations are available at the link below.

Assessment Exam:
During finals week you will be required to take an assessment exam that will cover material from all of the required CS and SE courses. Taking the exam is part of the grade for this class, but scores on the exam will not affect your grade.

Attendance is required and will also be a major part of your grade.

Presentation feedback form (Notice the added question "Presenter shows a recognition of the need for and an ability to engage in professional development and life-long learning")

10 tips for academic talks

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