Tentative schedule:


1Jan. 15Introduction, create accounts, Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML), cannibalize course web site into a personal web site
Jan. 17Creating and linking forms via XHTML, helpful reference:, Power Point slides from last year: in MS PowerPoint
2Jan. 22Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), CSS Zen Garden Read Elements of User Experience, Project ideas
Jan. 24Coding a PHP Application, Chapter 2, MS PowerPoint slides.
3Jan. 29Coding a PHP Application continued Project ideas
Jan. 31Relational Databases and SQL, Chapter 3, MS PowerPoint slides.
4Feb. 5More practice with SQL-Hotel Stays DB
Feb. 7PHP with MySQL, Chapter 4, MS PowerPoint slides. Project: Strategy of Application
5Feb. 12PHP with MySQL, continued
Feb. 14Model-View-controller Pattern, Chapter 5, MS PowerPoint slides. Project: Scope of Application
6Feb. 19Conintue refractoring code to MVC design pattern
Feb. 21Exam 1
7Feb. 26Testing, Chapter 6, MS PowerPoint slides and paper prototypes.
Feb. 28Working with form data, Chapter 7, MS PowerPoint slides.
8March 5Project database adn model
March 7Work on projects
9March 12Web application usability "Don't Make Me Think" by Steve Krug MS PowerPoint slides.
March 14Usability testing of paper prototypes Project paper prototype
Spring Break
10March 26PHP Cookies and sessions, Chapter 12, MS PowerPoint slides.
March 28Yappers Reservations from the ground up
11April 2PHP string functions, MS PowerPoint slides.
April 4Error checking with JavaScript, MS PowerPoint slides.
12April 9Exam 2
April 11Validating Yappers reservation form
13April 16Project demonstrations #1 Project demonstrations #1
April 18Create account, login, retrieve password
14April 23Signup for help with project
April 25JavaScript for tabs, MS PowerPoint slides.
15April 30Project demonstrations #2 Project demonstrations #2
May 2Signup for help with project
16May 7Final Presentations Final Presentations
May 14Final, 6pm-9pm Final Report