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Computer Science & Software Engineering

CSCI 466
Fall 2013


Description: A study of the fundamental principles of computer based communication. Principles, design, and standards of networks will be discussed, including standard network protocols. Includes an introduction to telecommunications and basic data transfer processes. Prerequisite: CSCI 332.
Instructor: Keith Vertanen

(406) 496-4385 (if I'm not in, send me an email instead of a voicemail)
Museum 102 (left of the main lab)
Office hours: Mon 1-2pm, Wed 11-noon, Wed 2-3pm, or by appointment.
Classes: Monday 10:00-11:00am lecture NRB 126
Wednesday 10:00-11:00am lecture NRB 126
Friday 10:00-11:00am lecture NRB 126
Labs: When the schedule indicates a lab, we'll meet in the networking lab above the Museum lab.
Resources: Textbook Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach (6th edition) by James Kurose and Keith Ross
Class web page
Moodle for grades and assignment submission
Evaluation: Midterm 20%
Final 30%
Assignments (programs, labs, presentations) 50%
Staff discretion (participation and extra-credit) ±?%
Assignments and late policy:
Assignments will consist of written exercises/labs, programming assignments, and presentations. The exact details of how and when to submit an assignment will be stated in the assignment description. Your programs will be graded on correctness, programming style (including comments), and efficiency. Partial credit is possible so if you run out of time, submit what you have.

You get a total of four free late days which can be applied to written or programming assignments. Each late day buys you a 24-hour extension to the submission deadline. If you are out of free late days, any further late submissions will be given a zero. In the case of a group assignment, the group only has as many free late days as the minimum of any member of the group.

Academic honesty:
Cheating will not be tolerated and can result in failure of the course. Submitted programs must be entirely your own work (except for designated group assignments). Under no circumstances should you copy another person's code. Exams are to be strictly your own effort. Unless specified, no electronic devices are allowed in exams.

Any student who may need an accommodation due to a disability, please make an appointment to see me during my office hours. A letter from a Montana Tech Disability Coordinator authorizing your accommodations is needed.

Course Outcomes:

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