, CS & SE Seminar, CSCI/ESOF 194


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Office Hours:
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Prerequisite: Interest in a career in computer science, software engineering or data science.

Meeting times and place: Wed. 11:00-11:50pm, HPER 138

What is in this course?

This course gives you a chance to meet the Computer Science faculty and learn about their research interests. You will also get to hear about CS and SE internships, hear presentations about careers in the computer industry, and meet computer professionals. You will develop your resume, practice writing a cover letter, and document a career plan.


Activity Percentage
Attendance 20%
Exercises 10%
Résumé 20%
Register with Career Services and upload your resume 5%
Cover Letter 10%
Career Paper 25%
Update resume to meet all Career Services recommendations 10%

How to Succeed in this Course:

Come to class. Listen. Participate. Begin the assignments early, doing a small amount of work on them over several days. The assignments are:


ACM stands for the Association of Computing Machinery. This is the society that computer professionals who want to join a professional society typically join. The ACM is international. It has a myriad of publications (including a digital library that you can use free as a Montana Tech student) and they hold several conferences each year. There is a student chapter of the ACM on this campus and I recommend that each of you belong. Meetings include planning and having events, listening to speakers and socializing. Speakers are often students who have done recent internships. Since it is likely that you will undergo an internship before you graduate, it is helpful for you to learn more about what internships are available and what they are like.

For each ACM meeting that I know you attended a percentage point will be added to your overall score for this course.

Catalog description of the course:

Required introduction to the Computer Science and Software Engineering programs. Students will discuss what it means to be a professional in the fields of computer science and software engineering, meet professionals in these fields, and hear about the wide range of employment opportunities. Throughout the course students will meet the faculty of the Computer Science Department and learn of their diverse expertise. By the end of the course, each student will have developed a résumé and a career plan and will have learned how a Tech education prepares them for rewarding employment. (1st)

Expected skills students have coming into the course:

Expected outcomes from taking this course:

Related student outcomes: