ESOF 427
Software Design and Architecture
Fall 2014

Montana Tech
Computer Science & Software Engineering

Design pattern zoo

The goal of this assignment is to gain experience with some of the popular design pattern you are likely to encounter "in the wild". I want your programs to demonstrate the salient features of each design pattern. You do NOT need to generate complex examples, your programs can be relatively short. But try and come up with a plausible use for each pattern that isn't clearly derivative from the Head First Design Pattern examples.

Pattern 1: State design pattern
Pattern 2: Observer pattern
Pattern 3: Decorator pattern
Aside from the code, each project should contain the following:
Submission. Please submit a zip to the Moodle dropbox containing your Eclipse project directories. Be sure to include in each project the required UML diagram as well as a readme.txt file answering the questions above. NOTE: please include your name(s) in your Eclipse project name as this makes it easier for me to import multiple submissions into my Eclipse.

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