ESOF 427
Software Design and Architecture
Fall 2014

Montana Tech
Computer Science & Software Engineering

Onscreen keyboard, implementation of traces

The goal of this assignment is learn to implement code based on a UML diagram. You will learn how to develop unit tests to test your classes. You will practice using inhertiance to implement a complex set of reuseable classes.


Implement the classes detailed in the following UML class diagram:

The notation in the diagram above are those generated by the ObjectAid UML Eclipse plugin. During the assignment, I want you to produce tests for all your code using JUnit. You should develop a unit test for each concrete class in the above diagram. The unit tests should achieve at least line coverage of your implement classes. To check this, we suggest you use the EclEmma Java code coverage plugin. I will not be grading your test programs themselves, but you should endeavor to thoroughly test. I will have my own test suite that I will use to look for bugs in your implented classes.
Submission. Please submit a zip to the Moodle dropbox containing your Eclipse directory containing your code implementation of all the classes in the UML diagrams. You should also include your JUnit test suite that at least provides line coverage of all code in your implementation.

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