Montana Tech of The University of Montana
Computer Science & Software Engineering

CSCI 466
Fall 2013

Lab #4

In this assignment you will learn about the IP protocol by analyzing traffic generated by using the traceroute utility.

Follow the instructions in this guide.

For each question you answer, you should include the relevant packets from the trace. You can do this by using the print to file capability in Wireshark and then printing the traces individually or pasting into a master document. Note you can ask for output of only a selected packet, a set of marked packet, and can also specify how much detail to include about each packet.

You may want to print out your packet traces and annotate them with pen or highlighter. In this case, just turn in a hard copy.
Submission. Submit your lab writeup either in person (hard copy) or electronically via Moodle. You only need to submit one writeup for each lab pair. Be sure to include both your names at the top of the writeup!

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