Montana Tech of The University of Montana
Computer Science Department

CSCI 444
Data Visualization
Fall 2022


This page lists the dates of all the lectures with links to slides and examples from the lecture (if any). To get the most out of lectures, skim the reading beforehand if posted. You may also want to print out the slides before lecture so you can write on and/or highlight them during lecture.

#DateTopicSlidesVideosReadingPractice ExercisesExamplesData
1 Mon. 1/10 Introduction
2 Wed. 1/12 Data Visualization and Infographics PDF
3 Fri. 1/14 Python, Matplotlib, Pandas, Jupyter Notebook Video1
Jan14example2.ipynb Jan14example1.ipynb income2.csv
4 Wed. 1/19 Tufte PPT Tufte
5 Fri. 1/21 Colored Scatter Plots ColoredScatter.ipynb ColoredScatter2.ipynb consumption.csv
6 Mon. 1/21 Preattetive Variables PDF Tidwell
7 Wed. 1/23 No Class
8 Fri. 1/25 Visual Critques
9 Mon. 1/21 Presentations
10 Wed. 1/23 Graphical Integrety PDF minitufte
11 Fri. 1/25 Graphical Integrety Cont.

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