CSCI 136
Fundamentals of Computer Science II
Spring 2022

Montana Tech of The University of Montana
Computer Science & Software Engineering

Lab 9 - Fun With Linux

Lab 9 - Fun With Linux

No program for this lab!

This week you will download a Microsoft Word document and use it as a guide to try things on Linux. As you do the commands, enter the results into the Word document. When you are done, save it as FunWithLinux.docx and submit it to the Lab 9 dropbox on Moodle.

You can download the empty file here.

Grade ItemPoints PossiblePoints Earned
Linux Commands10
Command Sequence7
Exploring File Structure13

Submission. Submit your completed Word document, FunWithLinux.dox, via Moodle. Be sure you put your name at the top of the document!

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