CSCI 136
Fundamentals of Computer Science II
Spring 2017

Montana Tech
Computer Science & Software Engineering


This page lists the anticipated dates of all the lectures with links to slides and examples from the lecture (if any). Readings are in the book Java: An Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming, 7th edition by Walter Savitch. Additional readings in the optional text, Head First Java by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates are listed as HF, along with the appropriate pages. This book is optional, but presents concepts in a very different way than our main textbook, and you may find this approach helpful. To get the most out of lectures, skim the reading beforehand (or at least look at the pictures!). After the lecture, go back and read the pages carefully. Doing the book exercises can also be helpful.

1Mon. 1/9 Course Overview, Java Library, API, javadoc PDF Java, Appendix 5;
HF Ch. 6  Solution to In-Class Exercise 1 
-Wed. 1/11 Lab: NO CLASS - 1st WEEK!!
2Fri. 1/13 Java Basics Review PDF Java Ch. 1-8.2;
HF Ch. 1-5
-Mon. 1/16 NO CLASS - Martin Luther King Day
-Wed. 1/18 Lab 1: Looking Out for Number One
3Fri. 1/20 Dynamic Arrays PDF Java Ch. 12.1;
HF pp. 131-137  states.txt  nums.txt  Solution to In-Class Exercise 2 
4Mon. 1/23 Linked Lists PDF Java Ch. 12.3 
-Wed. 1/25 Lab 2: Traveling Salesperson 
5Fri. 1/27 Exceptions Revisited, File I/O PDF Java Ch. 9;
HF Ch. 11
6Mon. 1/30 Enumerations PDF Java pp. 182-183;
HF Appendix B
-Wed. 2/1 Lab 3: Dungeon I
7Fri. 2/3 Inheritance PDF Java Ch. 8.1-8.2;
HF Ch. 7 
8Mon. 2/6 Review for Exam I PDF
-Wed. 2/8 Lab: EXAM 1 
9Fri. 2/10 Polymorphism PDF Java Ch. 8.3-8.4;
HF Ch. 8 
10Mon. 2/13 Stacks and Queues PDF Java p. 916, p. 934 #11;
HF 237-239  Zipped Sound Files 
-Wed. 2/15 Lab 4: Dungeon II 
11Fri. 2/17 File I/O PDF Java Ch. 9;
HF Ch. 11  numbers.dat 
-Mon. 2/20 NO CLASS - President's Day
-Wed. 2/22 Lab 4 Continued: Dungeon II
12Fri. 2/24 Abstract Data Types,
Java Ch. 12.4;
HF pp. 569-575,
Java p. 325, p. 870;
HF Ch. 16  mobydick.txt 
13Mon. 2/27 Recursion PDF Java Ch. 11 
-Wed. 3/1 Lab 5: Ultima 0
14Fri. 3/3 Recursion II PDF,
Java Ch. 11 
15Mon. 3/6 Threads PDF HF pp. 489-503  cat.jpg  cow.jpg  dog.jpg  frog.jpg  cat.wav  cow.wav  dog.wav  frog.wav 
-Wed. 3/8 Lab 6: Ultima 0.1 
16Fri. 3/10 Concurrency Issues PDF HF pp. 504-522 
-Mon. 3/13 NO CLASS - Spring Break
-Wed. 3/15 NO CLASS - Spring Break
-Fri. 3/17 NO CLASS - Spring Break
17Mon. 3/20 Networking and Socket Communication PDF Java Ch. 10.6;
HF Ch. 15 
-Wed. 3/22 Lab 7: Shared Line Drawing
18Fri. 3/24 Graphics / Event Listeners PDF HF Ch. 12  cat.wav  cow.wav  dog.wav 
19Mon. 3/27 Review for Exam 2 PDF Exam 2 Study Outline
-Wed. 3/29 Lab: EXAM 2 cat-icon.png purr.wav cat-yowl.wav cat-growl.wav
20Fri. 3/31 Graphics: Swing PDF Java Ch. 13, 15;
HF Ch. 13  cat.jpg 
21Mon. 4/3 Regular Expressions PDF  avgnums.txt  mobydick.txt 
-Wed. 4/5 Lab 8: WAV Audio Player
22Fri. 4/7 Using the Command Line PDF 
23Mon. 4/10 Fun With Linux!! Website
-Wed. 4/12 Lab 8 continued: WAV Audio Player
-Fri. 4/14 NO CLASS - Spring Mini Break
24Mon. 4/17 More Fun with Linux!!! Website
-Wed. 4/19 Lab 9: Dueling Creatures  Player's Handbook  Online Darwin javadoc  Sprite Database 
25Fri. 4/21 More Fun...? Website
26Mon. 4/24 No More Fun ... Website
-Wed. 4/26 Performance,
Lab: Dueling Creatures Competition
PDF  rabbit.png 
27Fri. 4/28 Review for Exam 3 PDF Final Exam Study Outline 
-Wed. 5/3 FINAL EXAM: 11:30-1:30 (2:30 if needed)

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