CSCI 136
Fundamentals of Computer Science II
Spring 2013

Montana Tech
Computer Science & Software Engineering


This page lists the dates of all the lectures with links to slides and examples from the lecture (if any). Readings are in the book Head First Java 2nd edition by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates. To get the most out of lectures, skim the reading beforehand (or at least look at the pictures!). After the lecture, go back and read the pages carefully and do the book exercises.

0Mon 1/14 Intro, multidimensional arraysPDF PDF pp. 670 Temp2D  7days.txt  TempRagged2D  7days_ragged.txt
-Wed 1/16 Lab, assignment #0
1Fri 1/18 Inheritance and objectsPDF Ch 7, pp.165-196 Circle  CircleImage  CircleImageRotate  CircleClient  Bouncers  BouncersClient
-Mon 1/21 NO CLASS
-Wed 1/23 Lab, assignment #1
2Fri 1/25 More on inheritancePDF Ch 8, pp.197-233 Tile  NumberTile  LetterTile  TileBoard  TileGame  Shape activity
3Mon 1/28 Exceptions and file I/OPDF Ch 11, pp.315-352
-Wed 1/30 Lab, assignment #2
4Fri 2/1 Java genericsPDF Ch 16 MyStack 
5Mon 2/4 Java collections and hashingPDF HashMapDNS  HashMapIter 
-Wed 2/6 Lab, assignment #3
6Fri 2/8 More on collections and sortingPDF UniqueWords  SpellCheck  WordsSorted 
7Mon 2/11 Interfaces and iterationPDF Shape  Circle  CircleBorder  Rectangle  RectangleBorder  GrowShape 
-Wed 2/13 Lab, assignment #3
-Fri 2/15 Review for exam #0
-Mon 2/18 NO CLASS
-Wed 2/20 Exam #0
-Fri 2/22 Going over exam #0
8Mon 2/25 Threads PDF Ch. 15, pp. 489-517 AnimalMapDeluxe  BlastOff  Launch  MultiLaunch  MultiLaunchSleep  BlastOffSleep  FibWorker  FibLauncher 
-Wed 2/27 Lab, assignment #4
9Fri 3/1 Concurrency PDF NumHolder  [solution]  NumHolderLaunch  [solution] 
-Mon 3/4 Recursion and threading rodeo Rodeo online quiz'o'matic  RodeoRecursive  RodeoWorker 
-Wed 3/6 Lab, assignment #5
10Fri 3/8 Networking and socket communication PDF Ch. 15, pp. 471-488 Magic8Client  Magic8Server 
11Mon 3/11 Socket clients and servers PDF Magic8ClientPersist  Magic8ServerPersist  Magic8ServerMulti  Magic8ServerWorker  ValueClient  [solution]  ValueServer  ValueServerWorker 
-Wed 3/13 Lab, assignment #6
12Fri 3/15 Constructors and garbage collection PDF Ch 9, pp.235-271 
13Mon 3/25 Regular expressions PDF AvgPerLine  GerundFinder  Regular expressions activity  [solution] 
-Wed 3/27 Lab, assignment #6
-Fri 3/29 NO CLASS
-Mon 4/1 Review for exam #1
-Wed 4/3 Exam #1
-Fri 4/5 Going over exam #1
14Mon 4/8 Graphical user interfaces PDF Ch. 12, Ch. 13 SimpleButton  MultiButtons  MultiButtonsFlow  MultiButtonsBox  Widgets  ButtonCount  FarmListener  FarmInner  BouncingBall 
-Wed 4/10 Lab, assignment #7
15Fri 4/12 Graphical user interfaces 2 PDF ButtonCount2  NameDialog  YesNoDialog  MouseTextBox  MouseDraw  MouseDrawPanel  KeyTextBox  ShowImages  ShowImagesPanel 
16Mon 4/15 Java applets PDF BouncingBallApplet  [source]  CounterApplet  [source]  Counter  PanicApplet  [source]  PanicAppletParam  [source]  DragFrog  [source]  DragFrogDouble  [source]  TraceApplet activity  [solution] 
-Wed 4/17 Lab, assignment #8
17Fri 4/19 Web clients in Java PDF GetPageSocket  GetPage  TwitterMon  StockTrader activity 
18Mon 4/22 Platform independence and languages PDF
-Wed 4/24 Lab, assignment #9
19Fri 4/26 Deployment and object serialization PDF Don't panic web start edition
20Mon 4/29 Mobile application development  Building your first Android app
-Wed 5/1 Lab, assignment #9
-Fri 5/3 Creature Tournament
-Mon 5/6 Review for exam #2  [solution]  [solution]  [solution] 
-Wed 5/8 Exam #2
-Tue 5/14, 3pm Going over exam #2, fill out online course eval

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